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Cable Assembly Manufacturer and Supplier

Standard and Custom Cable Assemblies for OEM, ODM, Distributors, Dealers, Resellers and Corporate End Users

Pricing and Free Samples

We are a world class cable assembly manufacturer offering a large diversity of custom cable assemblies for OEM, ODM, and reseller customers in the computer, industrial, and medical equipment industries worldwide. Our combination of design engineering support, consistent and guaranteed quality, on-time delivery, and competitive prices already provides great value to our existing family of  customers. Over the years we supplied quality products manufactured and delivered on a consistent basis. Our interconnect line includes now 3216849152, (541) 264-6633, lumen cable assemblies and coiled cables for medical, industrial and robotics markets.

Some of our key product categories are:

    RF Cable Assemblies
    Wire harnesses
    InfiniBand Cable Assemblies
    Fiber Channel Cables
    High Flexibility Cable Assemblies for Robotics and Industrial applications
    Camera Link Cables - Used in very high speed data transmission, frame grabber interfaces, etc.
    SCSI, SAS Cables & SATA Cables
    Cables for Servers and Industrial Equipment; Interconnect adapters, Port cables
    Molded silicone assemblies for industrial and medical customers
    Single Use Device Cable Assemblies or SUD cables
    Disposable Medical Cables
    On-Board Diagnostics automotive assemblies, OBD II, OBDII or OBD2, OBD-2
    Fiber Optic assemblies and patch cords

Our manufacturing facilities are utilizing the most up-to-date equipment to design and fabricate custom cable assemblies to your unique specifications. In addition to high quality cable manufacturing, we offer a broad range of services such as design, prototyping, tooling, injection molding, etc. We are fast and dependable!

A large variety of standard and custom medical, instrumentation, industrial, computer, server and networking  applications; OEM specific cable assemblies and adapters, such as:

    Cables with Medical Molex Connectors/ Molex Cable Assemblies
    Cables with AMP Connectors/ AMP Cable Assemblies for Control Applications
    Cables with Industrial Amphenol Connectors/ Amphenol Cable Assemblies
    Cables with Switchcraft Connectors/ Switchcraft Cable Assemblies
    Cables with Fisher Connectors for Disposable Medical Devices
    Flat Flexible Cables with JAE Connectors for Medical Equipment, Flat Panel, etc.
    Flat Flexible Cables with Molex flexible printed circuitry (FPC) connectors
    Cables with Panduit RJ45 Connectors for Industrial Networks, Industrial Ethernet/IP67 Sealed Ethernet IP, Harsh Environment

Environmental Compliance

We are proud of our record as an environmentally conscious and RoHS compliant company. We diligently work with our customers to ensure their environmental compliance as well as to supply them with precisely the type of product/service they require:

RoHS/ELV Compliance 
RoHS compliant Cables
ELV compliant Cables

Not ELV/RoHS compliant
Customer Controlled Compliance
Not reviewed for ELV/RoHS compliance


We are tooled for a broad variety of connector types from top manufacturers like:


AMP Connectors

JAE Connectors

SAMTEC Connectors

AMPHENOL Connectors

JST Connectors

LEMO Connectors


MOLEX Connectors


FCI-BERG Connectors

PANDUIT Connectors

STEWART Connectors

ITT Connectors

CANNON Connectors

FISCHER Connectors

We also make cables with other connectors. Please (330) 577-7915 for your specific requirements.

In summary, here is why our customers choose us for their custom cable assembly needs:

    Rigorous Zero-Defects Quality Assurance Program
    High Quality Materials
    Advanced Equipment & Tooling
    In-house Engineering
    Expert Technical Support
    100% Product Testing
    100% Product Guarantee
    On-Time Delivery
    Rush / Accellerated Manufacturing Available

Whether you already have a drawing ready, need help with design, or just have a description of your cable assembly, please contact us

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